Enjoy our beach safely.

Dear Lupa visitor,

It’s great that you’re interested in the experience LUPA has to offer. We hope to see you soon. Preventing the spread of the coronavirus epidemic also requires special measures for beaches. We do our best to exercise the utmost caution and ensure appropriate hygiene to protect your health, however, we need your cooperation. For this reason, please observe the rules put in place for all our safety.

Don’t come to LUPA if you’re feeling ill, or there’s somebody with coronavirus in your environment whom you’ve contacted in the past 14 days.
Make sure you have your mask with you before you come to Budapest’s seaside. You’ll need your mask on public transport or on Lupa bus, if they are your choice of transport, but you’ll also need to wear your mask in the common rooms (dressing room, toilet) at LUPA. Although we put out hand sanitisers at most places, it’s best if you also bring your own. Please, wear flip-flops or similar footwear in the dressing rooms, showers and toilets.
We recommend the LUPA app for buying tickets online or paying with a card at the entrance if possible. Although our payment practices haven’t changed, it’s time to restate that you can’t pay in cash anywhere at LUPA.  

Please, keep the appropriate distance both on the beach and in the water. The recommended distance is 2m, so we rearranged the sunbeds and outdoor furniture to ensure at least this distance. Only people living in the same household may stay closer than that to each other.

At certain parts of LUPA Beach, we established distinct two-bed areas separated by “screens” to keep the appropriate distance and reassure more cautious visitors. They can be rented just like other sunbeds as long as they are available.

Please wash your hands more often than usual. Soap or alcohol-based sanitisers are the key means to prevention! We installed hand sanitisers at several locations. Use them. We regularly disinfect common areas.

Keep the distance when you queue anywhere.

We use the NoCovid e-learning platform verified by the Hungarian Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases to train and constantly monitor the health of the Beach personnel. Every employee has to read the advice and requirements for their job, then the system also checks their knowledge. In addition, the system periodically rechecks their condition and risks. This made us the first “safe beach” in Hungary, awarded by the professionals who developed the system.


Thank you for reading and observing the above key points. Now you’re free to browse our website, check out our services, then head for LUPA.


Lupa Beach prices


Daily tickets

3400 Ft
2400 Ft
1700 Ft
1200 Ft
1700 Ft
1200 Ft
8900 Ft
WEEKEND (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
3990 Ft
2800 Ft
2000 Ft
1400 Ft
2000 Ft
1400 Ft
10500 Ft

Sport daily tickets

2200 Ft
1600 Ft
1100 Ft
800 Ft
WEEKEND (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
2600 Ft
1800 Ft
1300 Ft
900 Ft


27 200 Ft
19 200 Ft
68 000 Ft
48 000 Ft
34 000 Ft
24 000 Ft
WEEKEND (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
32 000 Ft
22 400 Ft
80 000 Ft
55 000 Ft
40 000 Ft
27 500 Ft

Sport passes

12 000 Ft




600 db

Baldachinos napágy

Baldachin sunbed

Limited numbers


1000 Ft